Meet Adele Clark


Adele Clark offers vocal lessons at all levels backed by 30+ years’ experience both as a performer and teacher.  Whatever you are preparing for, whether it be a recital, audition, examination, or just for pleasure, Adele will show you how to sing confidently, with vocal ease and balance.

If you want to discover or re-discover your voice, this is the music studio for you.  Call me at (604) 264-4649 during business hours.  Or email me

Adele is experienced in Classical repertoire, Musical theatre, Contemporary and in foreign languages such as French, German, Italian, Spanish and other languages.  Adele teaches and coaches through song. You will be singing songs from the very start. Vocal technique is incorporated into every session. This ensures you will come away with a repertoire of your own.

Vocal Lessons

Adele is experienced in vocal training for a wide range of genres including:

  • Classical Repertoire
  • Musical Theatre
  • Contemporary

Lessons include the technical aspects of the singer’s craft as well as artistic interpretation and musicianship.

Studio Curriculum

  • Regular studio recitals (four per year)
  • Exam preparation (all levels)
  • Audition preparation (including: Monologues and Scenes, Classical /Opera Arias and Musical Theatre)
  • Performance practice
  • Theory to Harmony 3 /Sight Reading/ Sight Singing
  • Recital preparation

Examination Prep

  • Adele also provides examination preparation for the following:
  • Royal Conservatory (Preliminary through ARCT)
  • Conservatory Canada (Preliminary through Diploma)
  • Associated Board (Preliminary through Diploma)

….She is an immensely “engaging and supportive” teacher who has not only taught me how to sing, but brought me to where singing has become one of my most joyful activities, and an exciting part of my life.

…Adele is acutely aware of the different talents/limitations of each student, helping to bring out our own unique abilities.  By beautifully demonstrating the myriad of possible human emotions/feelings herself, I feel encouraged to be far more expressive than I could otherwise…



All private lessons are take place in a bright, beautiful, well-equipped professional studio in Kerrisdale.